miércoles, 1 de enero de 2014

Going Home- Kim Yoon Ha (jaurim)

Esta canción es muy relajante y bonita. <3, tengo entendido que ella la compuso y escribio para su hermano que atravesaba por problemas.


On her way home
Not leave the mind in the sun
I will be your recollection
I think many will be sad.

We just work on tomorrow
Cause I can not tell now
I just wrapped and hugged you
'd Have to say that all good.

More you can do to
We're anxious to be haejyeo.
Your shoulders and heavy
Long lamented the days.
Tomorrow is really a good thing
When you wish.
Because You've qualified.
Now take off your luggage to be happy
I eagerly look sowonhae.

The world is not for you and me
Do cruel and terrible place
Come back here any time,
Got home, I'm here.
Tomorrow is really a good thing
We wait for the cycle
The sun rises on a new

Twelve most fervently hoped
Pray to be done, I think.

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